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YCD Multimedia and Telecine RAMP Up Digital Signage for Financial Institutions

New Digital Signage Content Solution Enhances Branch Experience

New York, NY March 6, 2023 – Digital signage partners, Telecine and YCD Multimedia unveiled a new all-inclusive financial institution package today, called RAMP Up! Telecine, a media and software company focussed on raising the bar of great content for digital signage, and YCD Multimedia, leaders of the “any K” revolution through its digital signage platform, will offer RAMP Up! to banks, and financial institutions looking to enhance the customer experience. This strategic partnership aligns content with a powerful platform for digital signage applications well-suited for financial institutions.

RAMP Up! is a branded Financial News Television Channel with your bank’s name and logo on the screen. By utilizing your digital signage network, each time your customer enters your branch they see up to the moment news with no action required on your part. Content updates happen automatically throughout the day. It’s Co-branded content with Bloomberg News.

“In today’s modern banking scene, customers are primarily utilizing online banking. But what about those patrons that need to come into your branch to transact business? This RAMP Up! collaboration with YCD makes branch communications easy, and effective with content that’s fresh, and branded for your institution,” says David Defelici, VP of Business Development for Telecine. “RAMP Up! allows for your commercials to play alongside trusted and compliant Bloomberg News. This package is meant for banking tech managers to “set it and forget it.”

“This platform and content combo offers such a simplified way to offer fully curated content with our CMS platform which was purpose-built for advertising and communications. You can upload new content, create clips and campaigns, edit them, get them approved by management, and distributed quite effortlessly. That’s the beauty of RAMP Up!. Your commercials and the Bloomberg News content can be easily deployed regionally or across any number of branches. Our goal is to inform, educate, and engage your clientele with a platform that offers possibilities and scalability,” says Ido Aviram, GM for YCD Multimedia.

For more information, please contact the partners for a demo.

About Telecine

Telecine is a 35-year-old media and software company focused on raising the bar of great content for digital signage. Fortune 500 clients from around the world rely on Telecine to solve their communication challenges by leveraging the very best signage content solutions. If the best solution does not yet exist, Telecine develops it. Telecine regularly contributes to the industry by sharing best practices on-line and in live speaking engagements. The goal is to help everyone learn from the mistakes of others. Successful installations benefit the industry and all stakeholders. Telecine has always believed in the huge potential of digital signage as a powerful communication medium. That potential can only be achieved with current, captivating, and relevant information, displayed in the most appropriate, compelling, and painless way possible.

About YCD Multimedia

YCD is at the forefront of a revolution in digital signage innovation. We offer the most powerful and advanced digital signage platforms in the industry. Together with our diverse partner network, we deliver targeted, immersive, and dynamic content creatively aligned with your interests and the interests of your customers. This gives you the unlimited creative potential to build an engaging, interactive multimedia experience that is completely unique to your needs.


Media Contact:

Brandy Alvarado-Miranda

BAM! Marketing & PR Agency

(714) 655-7225


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