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Visualizing Data for Digital Signage

On March 8th YCD and digital signage partner, Telecine Multimedia collaborated on a session for LAVNCH Week’s Digital Signage Day called “Visualizing Data for Digital Signage.” We had the great opportunity to share our new turn-key solution for financial institutions called RAMPUp!

During our interview with Megan Dutta, we got a chance to discuss why Digital Signage in banking is unique. Because banks are a regulated industry, promotional information must be FDIC approved content. The partners understand those regulations and touchpoints for in-branch communications, and have created RAMPUp! to bring relevant, specific, and branded content for banks. Think of RAMPUp as your Technology + platform + content = that’s RAMPUp! A service where you can truly set it and forget it. This monthly subscription-based service looks as if your bank is producing personalized content for their patrons.

There are multiple components of RAMPUp! including the Bloomberg News channel, and FinFacts, which contains hundreds of consumer facts based on FDIC information.

As Megan said, “it’s the beginning of a beautiful partnership”, with more turn-key market solutions coming from YCD and Telecine very soon.

Catch the interview here.


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