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Reach for a Digital Signage Template for Stress-Free Messaging

Producing content for a digital signage network has never been easier with the use of effectively designed content templates. Think of those meal kits you order when you feel like a good meal but don’t want the stress of planning everything. The food shows up planned, shopped, chopped and ready to cook. That’s the idea behind digital signage content templates. They are pre-made graphic designs, that fast-track the development of great-looking content. A message that could take hours, or even days to design and produce, instead takes just minutes.

Messages can often be changed with just a few mouse-clicks. Imagine your company has a last-minute production update that needs to be communicated right away. You can get this message out FAST by using a template. Perhaps there is an emergency in your facility, or your store has some inventory you just discovered, and you want to sell it fast. Using a template allows for content to be quickly shared in a cohesive branded manner.

Fonts, including their colour, size, and style can be LOCKED, for consistency, and legibility. Templates can be designed with space for photos, videos, dynamic data or even a specified number of multiple pages. Templates purposely limit the amount of creative control a user has, so you can deliver consistent-looking messages, across your entire network. This is especially helpful for networks with many different contributors.

Enterprise Elements

Consider those corporate elements that need to be communicated regularly. Sales Goals and projections, regularly scheduled meetings, and perhaps employee incentives can all utilize a formalized template. Want to welcome a VIP or a new employee to your organization? A simple template makes spreading the news easy, and fast. Don’t get bogged down, use a template to deliver those messages across the corporate environment. Restaurant & Bar Rescue

Restaurants and bars can use templates to change prices on menus across a chain. It’s as easy as changing a number in a template. Got a tasty new menu item or cocktail you want to feature? Spice things up by using a template to convey those fabulous new dishes and wow your patrons.

Safety First

From COVID protocols to hand-washing reminders, safety is critical. Imagine how much more quickly you could relay that important data if you had a pre-set template to quickly push those safety messages out? The health and well-being of your staff and patrons is vital. Your digital signage is the quickest way to rapidly communicate pertinent information about what to do in the event of an emergency.

Stress-Free Templates

There’s a reason those meal kit companies are popular. They speed up and simplify a regular task for busy people, and the finished product tastes consistently good! Digital signage templates – do the same thing. Giving you a set of tools to quickly, easily, and effectively deliver timely and compelling messages to your audience.

If you want to learn more about Digital Signage Templates, and more! Check out our short explainer video:

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