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FinFacts - Money Matters

Between online and mobile platforms, most everyday banking needs can be met without customers needing to step inside a branch. So when they do walk through the doors, there's a good chance they have specific needs and questions.

It's likely whatever they need to do is not routine for them, so advice and guidance is valued and welcomed, and banks doing that well deliver the kind of experiences customers now want and expect.

Pamphlets and posters can do the basics, but the far more effective mechanism for communicating with customers in and around a branch are screens with full motion visuals and messaging that can be targeted by time, location and scenario.

Digital signage does that, and many banks have adopted digital signage technology, making effective use of screens to communicate offers and drive experience. The right messages on screens can answer initial questions, create awareness of offers and services, and lead to more productive conversations when bank staff are free to talk.

But even at the largest banks, marketing resources can be finite. Bank marketers may have a long list of must-do messages to produce, schedule and distribute, and simple but important advice and guidance messaging may never get off the Nice To Have (If There Was Time) list.

Telecine has an answer to this problem. We've developed a new subscription-based service called FinFacts - a library of animated content that banks can use by subscription, and schedule into their networks with minimal work and fuss ... and at likely far less cost than producing that material internally.

The Telecine team has many years of direct experience with banks, and we understand our financial services clients have to be very clear and careful about what they communicate to customers. So FinFacts is derived from the information resources of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). That agency's mission is to maintain stability and public confidence in banking, so we know the material we've adapted is ideal is solid and trusted.

The FinFacts library has visually-friendly animated messages that cover important topics like youth savings and home ownership - with the material presented in easily consumed and understood segments. It's long shelf-life, almost evergreen content that banks of all sizes can use to educate customers, with the confidence that the FDIC backs it in the same way the agency backs deposits.

Using FinFacts is also simple. It is produced in digital signage-friendly HTML5 and easily integrates into existing digital signage platforms - with no need or worry about having to change software or do expensive development to make it work.

It's also customizable. So if the bank brand is a very specific orange, that's what it can be for that bank's version of FinFacts.

Good content helps drive customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty. But creating good content, and ensuring it meets requirements in the highly-scrutinized world of financial services takes work. FinFacts, on the other hand, makes it easy, and the material comes from just the perfect, hyper-trusted source.

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