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Automating your digital signage content

Ensuring your digital signage network has enough engaging content can be challenging. The worst thing for your audience to see is the same thing over and over again, especially when that content is no longer relevant. Not to mention, producing new pieces of content each day can be burdensome for companies with small teams. So, how do you easily keep content feeling fresh and up to date? The key is AUTOMATION!

  • What do we mean by automation?

  • Use online sources to fill pre-made content templates in your signage software.

  • Add digital signage as a publishing target to your existing content creation workflow.

  • Subscribe to a library of ready-made digital signage content.

In the industry, we commonly refer to these automation sources as DYNAMIC DATA. In fact, we put together a video on how to leverage dynamic data for your digital signage network.

Digital signage automations create a simple and streamlined way to engage with patrons. For retailers automations can help deploy content to multiple locations around the globe with a simple click. Think about new products launches, and how easy that becomes to pick a date and set the time to deploy your content across thousands of screens.

What about corporate lobbies that receive high-profile visitors? Setting up a VIP welcome automation with meeting details is quick and easy and can be done well in advance of the visit. There are many bits of content that can be automated for digital signage applications. Our goal is to give you the tools, resources, and support to enhance your brand’s messaging. For more information, please shoot us a quick email at


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