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Fitness Experience

Crunch and Equinox are widely considered to be two of the most innovative and exciting brands in the fitness industry. Both increased their customer engagement with digital approaches to interaction between gym members and their fitness coaches.

Telecine partnered with Zero-in to create unique interactive experiences for each. Working to enhance communication with their fitness communities, as well as providing a platform to easily measure their membership statistics, and to conveniently share location-specific information on class schedules and trainers with greater frequency.

Both wellness centers have adopted different technologies within their gym environments and our unique approach to content design was reflective of each brand. Crunch content integrates bold and playful design, with colourful stories across locations. Equinox implemented an elegant and streamlined content design, in alignment with their corporate strategy.

Crunch Fitness Gym - Click to see video Equinox Fitness Center - Click to see video

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