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Creative Digital Signage
Telecine Services

Whether it be screens around the globe or a one-of-a-kind installation, we have the expertise that will get you noticed. We do everything to get your digital signage network up and running, from conceptualizing designs to implementing manageable networks. 

Concept & Design

Our ideas bring your vision to life. Telecine translates concepts into a visual experience with complete digital integration.

Content  Network

Telecine’s design concepts integrate and streamline your branding and messaging with choices of dynamic data relevant to your audience.


The Telecine crew,using in-
house equipment, produce unique stand-alone video productions or digital
signage content.


Telecine has developed product solutions to make the implementation and management of your digital content even easier.


We work with you to understand your goals and to develop a viable strategy to achieve them. Our creative team and technical developers strive to integrate cutting edge technology with leading creative design.

In addition to your content, we provide options for a wide variety of news, information, and dynamic data visualizations relevant to your audience and designed to integrate with your brand messaging.


Our experienced production team can add video, animation, computer graphics and sound to your digital signage.
We produce videos for CEO interviews, corporate, training, events and marketing programs.


Telecine is the Eastern Canadian member of the International Quorum of Film and Video Producers. IQ gives us priority access to crews and production facilities in over 45 countries worldwide.




Telecine’s Content Delivery Network enables distribution of content from your desktop to just one digital display, or to hundreds around the globe.

We ensure your content is easily deployable and up-to-date with content management planning and maintenance services for your current and future needs.



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